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Dermatologist Dr. John K. Randall has led Central Indiana in providing skin care and dermatology for over two decades. Dr. Randall is committed to finding state-of-the-art procedures so that he is able to concentrate the practice’s full attention on each patient’s unique skin concerns in Central Indiana. Additionally through MedSpa Day Spa, dermatologist Dr. Randall has helped people in our area achieve the most advanced level of physician-supervised skin care and anti-aging techniques in a spa environment. To better suit your needs, Randall Dermatology has dermatologist offices in West Lafayette, Kokomo, Frankfort, Rensselaer, Westfield, Monticello, Indianapolis, Winamac, Williamsport and Terre Haute, Indiana.

Randall Dermatology features a full line of services including laser skin treatments, laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal and other hair removal treatments, aesthetic skin care, botox, fillers, acne treatments, treatment for psoriasis, and general dermatology for health, wellness and beauty. Randall Dermatology is the trusted source in your area for skin cancer screening and treatment; We are the trusted local source for Mohs skin cancer surgery, a tissue preserving technique most effective in treating skin cancers. Randall Dermatology is also a proud provider of Image Guided-Superficial Radiation Therapy (IG-SRT) for patients who wish to seek an alternative to surgery for non-melanoma skin cancer treatment.

Randall Dermatology is proud to be the one of the few dermatology practices in the state of Indiana featuring PicoSure, the world’s only picosecond aesthetic laser for tattoo removal. This unprecedented advancement in laser technology safely and effectively erases tattoos with fewer treatments and better results. Randall Dermatology is the largest laser practice in the state of Indiana with over 2 dozen lasers, 10 locations, and over 100,000 procedures done since 1989.

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  • John K. Randall, R.Ph., M.D.
    Owner and Supervising Physician

    John K. Randall, R.Ph., M.D. is a board certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon. He started his medical career by receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from Creighton University, graduating in 1981. After working for more than two years in the pharmacy industry, Dr. Randall then decided to attend medical school in 1983 at Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine graduating three years later in 1986 with a Doctorate of Medicine.


Hear what our patients have to say

    Holly Howe was, as usual, attentive, thorough, and proficient in my annual skin exam. We discussed my treatment plan, she suggested and explained alternatives, she took a biopsy painlessly, and we planned future visits. All excellent!

    James E.

    I have been a patient here for several years. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Phillip DeTurk, NP is an amazing provider and always makes sure that all of my questions and concerns are answered before I leave. I have always been able to make an appointment that is convenient for me and I am in and out in a very timely manner. This group is awesome.

    Angela D.

    Very pleased with the staff at Randall dermatology. We saw Laura W. She was very professional and knowledgeable.  Has a bubbly personality.

    Helen C.

    Katrina is so patient and has such a kind heart. What could have been a not so good experience turned out to be just fine. Katrina's bed side manner is exemplary. She is gentle, soft spoken, and understands that we may be nervous having procedures done and takes that into consideration.

    Heather H.

    Very professional and caring. Got me in exam room on app. time without delay. Pre examination by nurse was through. Dr. Randall was through and very informative. All covid-19 precautions were carried out in a professional and caring manner.

    James W.

    I have been a patient at Randall Dermatology for about a year and a half. I see Theresa and she is awesome! I have Hidradenitis Superativa, or HS. It's a skin condition that has no cure, is hereditary, and presents as pustules. Theresa was familiar with my condition and worked through different medications til she found the one that helps. I'm grateful for her knowledge and the care that everyone at Randall Dermatology gives me.

    Natalie C

    I had the best experience at Randall Dermatology. I felt welcome from the moment I walked in. The nurse and Brad took their time with me. I definitely will be referring here!

    Tammy W.

    Very friendly staff. I was immediately put at ease. They let me know from start to finish, what they were doing. Very thorough. They really know their stuff. Answered all of my questions. I am very pleased with them. No need for me to look elsewhere when I’ve got Randall Dermatology right here in my town


    Easy access, easy check in. Great staff! Super happy doctor and support staff. Very respectful of dignity and accomodating. So glad to be a client here! Doctor discusses things very thoroughly and relaxed. Lowers anxiety!

    Brandi M.

    My 12 year old son saw Dr. Manning for psoriasis. Dr. Manning was excellent, explained to my son exactly what is going on inside his body in a way he could easily understand. The nurses and reception staff are wonderful as well. I cannot recommend this place enough.

    Kate H.

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