Why Choose Medical Dermatology

What is medical dermatology, and what can it do for your skin health?

Medical dermatology may be right for you when dealing with skin problems. Our West Lafayette, IN, dermatologist Dr. John Randall and his provider team specialize in medical and cosmetic dermatology to help treat issues while improving the health and appearance of your skin. Medical dermatology may be right for you if you are dealing with issues that impact your skin, hair or nails. He has several convenient office locations in West Lafayette, Kokomo, Frankfort, Rensselaer, Terre Haute, Westfield, Monticello, Winamac, Williamsport, and Zionsville, IN, to help you and your skin look great.

What Is Medical Dermatology?

Medical dermatology is a field in which our dermatologist Dr. Randall diagnoses, treats and manages acute and chronic skin conditions, disorders and injuries. If you are dealing with symptoms or problems that impact the health of your skin, then medical dermatology can help you. If you are looking for ways to enhance your appearance for esthetic gains, then cosmetic dermatology is better suited to your needs.

When Should I Turn to a Dermatologist?

While the occasional rash or burn may not make you rush to our office for care, it’s just as important that you know exactly when to turn to a dermatologist. Turn to our team if,

You Are Dealing With Warts

While these hard skin-colored growths aren’t harmful, they can be a nuisance or even painful if they develop on more delicate areas of the body, such as the palms of your hands or soles of your feet. Our dermatologist offers a variety of treatment options to remove the wart faster.

You Notice a Suspicious Mole

One of the best ways to catch skin cancer early on is to monitor and watch your moles regularly. If you notice changes to the color, shape, size or appearance of a mole, it’s a good idea to schedule a skin cancer screening with our team.

You have red, flaky, scaly patches of skin

If you notice flare-ups of red, raised, itchy, painful or scaly patches of skin, this could be a sign of psoriasis, eczema or other chronic skin problems. While there isn’t a cure for these disorders, we can provide the treatments you need to reduce the severity and frequency of your flare-ups.

You Are Dealing With Severe or Unresponsive Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin disorders in the US, which also means that this is one of the biggest reasons people turn to us. If your acne is severe, painful, impacting your self-esteem and isn’t responding to home care, these are signs that it’s time to turn to a dermatologist for care.

If you are looking for a dermatologist in West Lafayette, IN, that provides trusted, comprehensive medical dermatology, turn to Dr. Randall and the Randall Dermatology & MedSpa team today. To schedule an appointment at one of our locations, call us at:

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